The Disabled People From The Years Of Society Essay

The Disabled People From The Years Of Society Essay

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For a significant amount of time in the 20th century, it was common to segregate disabled people from the rest of society. American disabled people had been put away in institutions with the reason given that it was for their own good, as well as the good of society. In 1913 Britain even passed the mental incapacity act, this led to around 40,000 men and women being locked away, having been deemed feeble-minded and morally defective. The disabled people living in hospitals, special schools, and care homes are known to have suffered severe emotional and physical abuse.
Institutions regularly regarded their disabled residents as second-class citizens and thus showed them little respect. Employees on Staff at these facilities often made little to no attempt to empathize with disabled people 's experiences, denying them independance, choice, and dignity. At times the caregivers of these institutions deliberately caused patients pain and discomfort. In care homes and special schools for disabled children, there was sometimes hardly any attempt to meet the children 's emotional needs or acknowledge their individual identities. Many black disabled americans had to endure harsh living conditions, poor medical treatment, and overcrowding. According to historian Rebecca Skloot “one long stay hospital for black disabled people near Baltimore had more than 2,700 patients in the 1950s, 800 more than its official maximum capacity”.
In America, some scientists used to regularly conduct research on disabled patients without their consent. At one hospital near Baltimore, one study involved taking x-ray images of the brains of epileptic children in the hospital. Researchers drilled holes into the skulls of these young patients, drained the fl...

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...g, and out of work follow up. The training provided should also be systematic training, continuous in its development tailored to the needs of the individual. Proper job development is essential for the success of intigration, as well as follow-up services tracking effectiveness of services provided. Both regular observation and supervision at training sites will help to deduce what is working and not working for particular program initiatives.
Information about present day protective legislation such as the americans with disabilities act or IDEA must be publicized so that everyone is aware of them. A well funded media campaign and awareness initiative will expose the general public to what the disabled individuals life is like, as well as ways in which an open discussion may be had when approaching the proper treatment and inclusion of varying degrees of disabled

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