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The Disabled in Academic Field Essay example

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The Disabled in Academic Field
While some colleges and universities offer at least some accommodations for students with different disabilities, more should be done to support these students to ensure that they are successful throughout college and throughout life. All schools should have some type of accommodations, whether big or small, so they do not limit the education options of a potential student with disabilities. A future student may have found a perfect program at a particular college; then later find out that that school does not offer the accommodations that they need to be successful there. Colleges and universities should allow access to disabled students in order to level the playing field in the academic world to make it possible for all to have a good future.
There is a huge lifestyle difference between students with and without disabilities, and schools should take this under advisement. Students with disabilities are juggling the obstacles of their disabilities while trying to pursue their education. They work three times as hard as the average person does in order to accomplish the same thing. Students without disabilities have their routine for how they do and schedule their homework and their lives. It is not easy, but there is a lot less to juggle in the average student’s life. They have completely different ways to go about pursuing their education without the hoops to jump through as someone with disabilities does on a day-to-day basis. Schools need to consider the enormous difference in perspective from the students with and without disabilities. A student with disabilities may have to juggle medications, doctors’ appointments, and ways of understanding what they are being taught. At every stop, there is ...

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...provide an undue advantage to the user.”(“ASLD”) Obviously being learning, physically or behaviorally disabled has its hurdles, but getting an education should not be one of them. Universities and colleges should be fair and step up to the plate.

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