Disabled Children With Average Learning Abilities Essays

Disabled Children With Average Learning Abilities Essays

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Currently one billion people in the world have some type of disability, according to World Report on Disability. The question is, should these people that have a disability be allowed to sit in a regular classroom with the “normal” children or children with average learning abilities? I think that this question should be asked individually instead of having a generalized answer of yes or no. A person should or should not be allowed in a regular classroom based off of three things: how disable the person is, will it be fair to the other people that will be in the classroom if that said child attends the class, and also is that person with a disability being taught.
It is important to know how disable the individual is so that it can be determined if the child has the capacity to learn in the same setting with the other children. Therefore, some children are more disable than others and need special attention along with being helped to learn. These children that need help with everyday activities and knowing what to do, like to sit still while in class should not be in a normal classroom but in a specialized classroom that can cattier to their needs. On the other hand, children that have a less serve disability that only have difficulty learning and understanding the material that is being taught should be able to be in a classroom, as long as the can receive one on one special lessons if they need.
Along with thinking about the person that is disable it is also important to be mindful of the other individuals that will be attending the classes with this person. A way to be mindful of the other children, is making certain the other students attending the class will be able to concentrate when the individual with a disability is ...

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...arning disabilities should be in a normal class depends on the individual. The ways to think about whether a person should be in a regular classroom or not is by knowing how disable the person is, will the individual be distracting, and also is the child learning in the classroom. I think those with serve problems that are unable to control their physical movements should be in their own classroom, simply because they can distract other children in the room. Also people that cannot learn in a normal classroom should be in their own classroom with a person that is trained and can teach them one on one. If a person has a simple learning disability that person should be allowed to be in a classroom if they so choose to do so and if the school system can provide for their specific needs. In conclusion every child should have an opportunity to have some type of education.

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