Disability Is Defined By The Merriam Webster Dictionary Essay

Disability Is Defined By The Merriam Webster Dictionary Essay

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Disability is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a condition (such as an illness or an injury) that damages or limits a person 's physical or mental abilities in a way that does not allow them to function in a ‘normal’ way”. Upon further examination of that definition, it is understandable, but nonetheless very wrong, that problems tend to arise in relation to disabilities in schools more than in any other learning situation. Let us start off by breaking this definition into smaller bits that we can discuss. First, if you break apart the word into smaller parts, it means “not having ability [to do something]”. While it is true that students with disabilities cannot do certain tasks to the same extent or in the same way that the average child can do, the word “disability” can give off a false connotation that its bearer does not have the ability to do anything.
The key to a successful education system is found in its treatment of how it treats the students it deems exceptional and how they eventually turn out as a result of that treatment. Exceptional, in this case, means not ordinary or average in the world of education, which includes two distinct and rather opposite groups of students: those who are significantly above average and those who are much below average. In the case of both of these groups, in order to give them their best chance at a quality and truly engaging education, students can be separated from the average student population. Exceptionally excellent students will typically get placed into accelerated, honors, or Advanced Placement classes where they will learn more intricate material at a quicker pace, while significantly below average students are typically sent to a resource room or assigned to spe...

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...find applications of this information in their future work in order to better understand and, therefore, aid any students of theirs that have disabilities and even their colleagues who teach special education. My ultimate goals in writing this research paper are to better inform myself as well as others about the current state of inclusion programs in the public elementary school setting and to start us all thinking about the real-world implications of these inclusion programs. In order to do this, I will continuously draw on information I have learned over the years from my observations in terms of my own personal education, from numerous conversations with and observances of elementary educators about this specific topic, and from a number of peer-reviewed articles written based on and including the findings of scientific and observational research in the classroom.

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