Disability By Nancy Mair 's Disability, And Matthew Soyster 's `` Living Under Circe 's Spell ``

Disability By Nancy Mair 's Disability, And Matthew Soyster 's `` Living Under Circe 's Spell ``

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In Nancy Mair 's "Disability" and Matthew Soyster 's " Living under Circe 's Spell" the authors give the reader a firsthand opinion and experience on what it is like being disabled. In Mair 's opinion, disabled people should be viewed as normal people. In contrast, Soyster does not view his disability as normal,but instead as something that is ruining his life and independence. Through their essays they give their personal opinions on their lives as cripples, but their aims in discussing the topic differs. Mair 's finds her disability to make her who she is and has grown to accept it. She uses figurative language such as description, diction, and allusions to disclose her forbearance of MS. In contrast, Soyster believes that his disability is dwindles down his worth and purpose. Mair and Soyester both use language, tone, and rhetorical strategies to convey these message, but their intended audience diverges.
In"Disability", Mairs describes the media 's depiction of disability versus her firsthand experiences as a woman with multiple sclerosis. She believes that disabled people should be treated the same as able bodied people; since disabled people perform the same everyday task as others, besides modify some of them to accommodate their situation. She is in search of an accurate depiction of disabled people " For months now I 've been consciously searching for representation of myself in the media, especially television." (Mair 1). When she finally finds a

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show with a women similar to her on it, the women is portrayed as a damsel in distress and chooses dependence on people over independence. This allows her to support her allusion about the media 's false representation of the disabled community.
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audience,of people can relate to his bitterness, and logos- when he speaks on the difference between able bodied and disabled people. Soyester wants his audience to see the uncut, graphic truth about his experience being disabled. He also wants his audience to understand his perspective of being disabled.

Though both Mairs and Soyster recollect on how MS has affected their lives, their aims are different. Mairs aims to apprise her audience on the reality of being disabled . Mair does not view disabilities as belittling, but instead as empowering. Through her experiences she has been able to appreciate different aspects of her life, as well as value her disability since it helps shape her. In antithesis, Soyster 's aim is to recollect specifically on how MS has changed him negatively and how he is still unable to accept his condition.

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