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Disabilities in Youth Essay

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Disabilities in Youth
Disabled children in the United States have been becoming more active throughout the years. They are showing interest in joining regular learning classrooms, rather than special education classes. Of course, there are many different types of disabilities, but if all disabled children become more active and interact with other children it will benefit the disabled child and his or her peers. It will teach them how to interact and learn from each other. District school boards should mainstream all disabled children into regular classrooms and activities.
Three common misconceptions about people with handicaps have been a major factor in society. These misconceptions reflect the characteristics of stigma. Stigmas are the negative thoughts of society, which frown upon a person’s trait when that trait is considered different to “social norms” (Dudley 80).
The first misconception commonly held by the public is that mentally handicapped people have little, if any, awareness or understanding of their handicaps. Research studies reveal evidence to the contrary. Several studies of the self-perceptions of mentally handicapped subjects reveal that most subjects have awareness of their handicaps, often keenly so, and that most have fairly accurate descriptions and explanations of their conditions. (Dudley 80)
The second misconception the public has is that “people with mental handicaps are indifferent to the language that is used in referring to them and their handicaps” (Dudley 81). However, results of numerous studies show that a large percentage of the disabled community who are called upon as mentally retarded prefer a less stigmatic label, such as “developmentally disabled, slow, mildly retard...

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