Disabilities and Poverty in Washington State Essay

Disabilities and Poverty in Washington State Essay

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My service project took me back to Special Olympics Washington where I volunteered in 3 different program opportunities; Coaching Bowling, Assistant Directing the play for Friendship Theatre, and acting as a college member to the States Youth Activation Committee. I spent roughly 36 hours total this quarter working directly with the local Tacoma, Federal Way and Seattle Special Populations, 12 of these hours as part of a paid coaching program for the Federal Way Special Populations Grade School Bowling Program. Two of these, coaching Special Olympics bowling and my participation on the YAC, are unique to my experience as a part of the Special Olympics. The programs I took part in this quarter represent some of my most enlightening learning opportunities when working with a Parks and Recreation program with Special Populations.
In September I was part of an application process for the State Youth Activation committee that consisted of an interview, resume and 2 letters of recommendation. As a part of Project UNIFY, the YAC is the state board for clubs and Project UNIFY programs around the state (not a governing body) working to enhance the lives, develop events and programs, and generate initiatives facilitated through sports and education programs for the States Special Needs Population. The Project UNIFY initiative is a publically funded program recognized and funded through the Department of Education in the form of grants and public dollars, with a primary goal of creating and advocating for inclusive communities and classrooms for people with special needs. Inclusion for individuals with disabilities is needed for ensuring that we are “fostering respect, dignity and advocacy” (Project UNIFY, Special Olympics Washington) for ...

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