Dirty Pretty Things Tell The Story Of Two Illegal Immigrants Essays

Dirty Pretty Things Tell The Story Of Two Illegal Immigrants Essays

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Dirty pretty Things tell the story of two illegal immigrants living in London trying to survive while avoiding deportation. The film shows the link between crime immigration and the capitalist society we live in. The film shows illegal immigrants working in a hotel while at the same time that hotel is being used for prostitution, and where immigrants sell their kidneys for a passport. Capitalist societies need crime and illegal immigration in order to succeed. Illegal immigration contributes to capitalism by providing capitalist societies with people who will do anything for little pay and endure anything they have to in order to survive. Being an undocumented person is illegal and that has lead to the privatization of detention centers.
Take into account the creation of the United States for example. The U.S is one of the few countries that, is considered to be founded on capitalism. However that is not is not the case, the United States was actually founded on Slavery. The enslavement of African Americans is what gave the United States a chance in succeeding; the U.S could have not survived economically without the forced labor .
With slavery being illegal in most countries, the cheap labor comes in the form of exploiting illegal immigrants. The over criminalization of illegal immigrants causes illegal immigrants to at times seek employment in places that come with high risks. According to Anderson illegal immigrants are extremely likely to accept employment that offer extremely low wages and they are often likely to be abusive and harmful employments . The film shows multiple examples of illegal immigrants who have so much to offer to society being stuck in low paying abusive work environments in order to avoid deportation...

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...s that most people do not want to do out of necessity. My favorite part of the movie was when Okwe, Juliette and Senay are selling the kidney and the person who they were selling it to, asked why he had never seen them before. Okwe responded by saying “We are the people you do not see. We are the ones who drive your cabs, we clean your rooms”. I felt that was an extremely powerful response in a way stating that we are here and we do contribute to society but not in a way that is seen valuable. Criminal activity also contributes to capitalism because it does make money, in this specific situation a hotel was used to run multiple illegal business making a lot of money. However crime is also beneficial in a capitalist society because it creates jobs such as police officer and it also creates corporations such as private detention centers and private corrections centers.

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