Direct Leadership And Organizational Leadership Essay

Direct Leadership And Organizational Leadership Essay

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Direct Leadership verse Organizational Leadership
Army leaders use direct leadership and organizational leadership that deals with their Soldiers and organizations during wartime and garrison operations. Leaders have to redefine their competencies to improve their Soldiers and organizations. Army leaders have to develop their Soldiers though personal interactions at the squad, platoon and company levels. Leaders will develop their organization through guidance with support from their staffs that consist of subordinate Officers and Non-Commissioner Officers. Direct leadership and organizational leadership will have major roles in the progress of Soldiers, leaders’ development, organizations, and garrison operations.
Direct leadership should be the foundation that leaders use to get to know their Soldiers. If leaders use direct leadership with their Soldiers, they will be able to get to know their Soldier on a professional and personal level. When leaders are using direct leadership, they should be coaching, guiding, teaching, and mentoring their Soldiers on their careers, education, and promotions. Direct leadership consists of face to face interactions with Soldiers and their first line supervisors. Direct leadership consists of subordinates and direct leaders not only at team level, but at platoon, company, and battalion levels. Direct leaders could be in-charge of five, forty, or hundreds of Soldiers. Direct leaders still have obligations to influence their teams, platoons, companies, or battalions, though Non-Commissioner Officers and subordinate Officers. The good thing about direct leadership is direct leaders will be able to see what works or don’t work. If it don’t work, direct leaders can observe t...

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...r after 9/11 and created the most combat-tested force in the nation’s history. But now it must sustain the morale of soldiers who have returned to American bases and are living what the military calls garrison life (Shanker, 2014).
In closing, direct and organizational leaders have their positions in their organizations to lead Soldiers, develop leaders, and better their organization on a daily bases. Direct leadership will concentrate on face to face interactions at squad, platoon, and battalion levels that deals with developing young Soldiers. Organizational leadership will emphasis on making the organization better through guidance and mentorship. At the end of the day, direct and organization leadership is all about making an impact in any way they can be applied to better Soldier, organizations, and leader for any wartime, peacetime or garrison operations.

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