Essay Diphtheria, Strangling Angel of Children

Essay Diphtheria, Strangling Angel of Children

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Although there is little news of it today, Diphtheria was one of the most common diseases found in the Eastern Region especially in Europe. Known as the “Strangling angel of children” it caused the death of many children by suffocation in Europe during the 17th century. Although today it is very rare to find this disease in the United States, this disease is commonly found in places where there is low hygiene or an unclean environment. Due to the modern understanding of the transmission and composition along with the development of a vaccine; it has brought us a long way of avoiding this disease.
Diphtheria is caused by a pathogenic (disease causing) bacterium called Corynebacterium diphtheria also known as C. diphtheria (Nordqvist, 2004-2014). This bacterium usually effects the upper respiratory tract where inflammation is contracted. In a serious matter or event, this pathogen can be deadly once it enters the blood stream that leads to major parts of the body which includes the heart, brain and the nerves. This disease is also contagious and can be contracted by inhaling ultramicroscopic solid or liquid particles known as aerosolized secretions, direct contact with secretions or skin ulcer, and through contaminated items such as household or personal items.
There are two types of Diphtheria which is cutaneous (skin) and respiratory. Respiratory diphtheria involves areas such as the nose, throat and tonsils, and cutaneous diphtheria involves the skin (Government, 2012). Respiratory diphtheria is extremely uncommon here in the United States due to the large vast of immunization. Respiratory diphtheria is usually known as a sore throat in which the pathogen clings itself to a membrane of the tonsils, larynx and pharynx. It then ca...

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...ntaminates and spread the disease any further. Once the patient has been clear of Diphtheria only then can they be allowed to leave the isolation ward and the hospital.
Due to technologies and scientific methods of today’s healthcare, there are many ways to prevent Diphtheria from occurring. The best way to prevent this disease is to make sure, that everyone has an up-to-date vaccination shot. DTap is a vaccine that helps the body to build up protection against the diphtheria toxin that is released throughout the body (Prevention, 2013). This shot is given to children around the ages of four to six months and then a booster shot is given later on. Once they are an adult, a booster shot known as Tdap and Td is given in a single dose and it is recommended every ten years. By keeping up with vaccination shots, it can help maintain effective control in our environment.

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