Essay on Diligence Is A Virtue By Atul Gawande

Essay on Diligence Is A Virtue By Atul Gawande

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Diligence is a virtue. This is a theme Atul Gawande presents to the reader throughout Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance. In each story, Gawande provides insight on medical studies he has previously embarked upon. For example, in “The Mop-up” the author tells us about a time when he went to India to observe the efforts to eradicate polio. Gawande explains how he followed a supervisor around and how vaccinations were performed. Additionally, in another chapter he debates on whether physicians should take part in death sentences. Throughout his adventures Gawande provides numerous enriching personal accounts of controversial events and what it is like to be a doctor; each with diligence playing a key part.

For the duration of the book, Gawande explores a wide range of various topics. However, since Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance is a collection of notes it is extremely difficult to pinpoint main topics and an argument relating every story. Despite this, there are main topics in each chapter, one of these being about washing hands. In this chapter the author goes into detail on how the infection-control unit tries to lower hospital infection rates by making physicians better about washing their hands. This in itself benefits both the physician and the patient, like in “What Doctors Owe,” a chapter about medical malpractice cases. Moreover, there is theme, perhaps an argument, that relates these stories together. This recurring theme is diligence. Countless acts and operations show how diligence played a key role in every single one of Gawande’s stories.

In Atul Gawande’s Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance, like many other books, there is a crux. For instance, the crux represented in each chapter of Gawande’s ...

... middle of paper ...

...lusions such as how it is always useful and needed to improve medicine and how healthcare is complex. He presents exceedingly important controversial topics and how to improve them plus explains how important it is that doctors save lives. This inevitably helps the author achieve his purpose in writing the book by explaining how these all work. Throughout the book Gawande gives insights on his experience as a surgeon and his personal accounts with these situations. Gawande explores reasons how medical help improves our daily lives through vaccinations and treatments. The book was very informative but as a reader I do not recommend Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance because it is too redundant. Through careful insight Gawande shows ways of how medical practices improved over time and how they continually improve, much of what is needed in the medical world today.

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