The Digital World of Video Games and Violence Essay

The Digital World of Video Games and Violence Essay

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One may ask, why today’s generation is so violent? Some believe and factor in the influence of video games. The digital world of video games display brutality. It is evident, that there are very few nonviolent video games. Video games incorporate violence, sexual actions and misconduct, theft, murder, stereotypes, drug and alcohol abuse and profanity. Children learn through observations and experiences. Therefore, video games teach children these extremely inappropriate behaviors. Many parents, experts and the media blame video games for children being violent and antisocial. Since this corruption of the youth, video games should be limited to a couple hours a day or to be played only on the weekends with possible supervision. This solution may help decrease these influential actions.
After a long school day, most students find themselves mentally exhausted by an intensive curriculum. Rightfully so, most developing teenagers make an attempt to find an activity to release some stress, and veer away from the rigorous, mental activity of the school day. Hence, most of these children turn to video games. With the recent increase of technological sources, video games has acted as yet another option for after school activity. With admiration for brutal, destructive, and harsh forms of entertainment, it can be seen how violent games can affect the behaviors of young men and women who are constantly exposed.
There has been an abundance amount of research and statistics on how video games impact the brain. One statistic states that, for the average boy, approximately thirteen hours per week were allotted for video game play (Carnagey and Anderson 2005). However, this number surely varies based on gender and individual interests. It i...

... middle of paper ... be reduced because of the less exposure to video games. These strategies will potentially eliminate violent actions. It is difficult to eliminate them completely. Overall, gamers undergo
hostile, confrontational and argumentative behavior. They are aggressive because of these video games, allowing them to believe that these behaviors or normal. Also, they display these inexcusable actions because they are conditioned. Most gamers do not come to the realization that their behaviors are being influenced. This leads to the corruption of the brain. From a young age, parents should indeed limit the usage of video games. Hopefully, the restrictions of video games will allow children to turn away from violent and antisocial behavior and lead them to more of a social and active lifestyle. Video games, in general, are significantly effecting children in a negative manner.

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