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Digital The Digital Of New Zealand Essay

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3. Digital landscape in New Zealand

To understand the digital landscape in New Zealand first we need to look some information about the country according to Statistics New Zealand there are 4,242,028 estimate residentsPeople (2013 Census, 2013)that corresponds 0.06% of the world population or is the 127 on the list of countries by population. We can understand this information that New Zealand is a small country when we talk about population and that reflects that according to Ministry of business 97% (459,300) of enterprises in New Zealand are Small Business and 69% (326,000) of the business have no employees(Ministry of business, 2014). Looking those data we can analyze that NZ is a small and familiar base business that most of the time have a limited budget to spend, for example, spend in marketing. Because of that Digital marketing is a good marketing solution for these enterprises, it is cheaper than traditional marketing with TV ads, and they can do by themselves.
Another point to understand how important digital marketing is in NZ we need to look some information about digital. According with the digital, social & mobile 2015 in APAC report made by “We Are Social” New Zealand has 4.16 millioninternet active users, it correspondto 91% of penetration, 2.6 million active social media users (penetration: 57%), 5.7 million of mobile connections (vs population: 125%), 2.2 million active mobile social users ( penetration 48%)(social, 2015). Those data shows that people are very connected and half of the population are connected in social medias and they are always connected by using their cellphones, this is a good opportunity for business to reach easier their audience by low-cost marketing campaignson social medias, blog...

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