The Digital Revolution And Its Effects On Society Essay

The Digital Revolution And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Throughout the past centuries, society has utilized books for academic purposes which has impacted their lives in numerous positive ways. Traditionally, reading has been a private, isolated activity, like a one-way conversation between the author and the reader. However, the digital revolution is transforming reading into a social activity that can be shared with family, friends, and even strangers. Ebooks are encouraging the shift from printed content to digital one. There are ebooks that cost less than a dollar and they are generally cheaper than their printed colleagues. Not only are ebooks affordable and can be used with small and portable electronic devices, which makes them preferable for traveling, but they can also help to improve one’s literacy.
Ebooks are becoming increasingly popular in the public and educational sectors because of their affordability. Who wants to spend more money paying for the exact same product? According to Derrico, “readers now understand there are no print costs with e-books and can see the new book tax for what it is” (2010). It is natural that reading digital text would be embraced by the contemporary society that is so dependent on new technologies. Sharing, collaboration and portability have turned out to be primary components of the present day world, so this boost in popularity of ebooks comes as no surprise (Reid 3). In fact, ebooks have even impacted my life, particularly as a teenager, when they got to be well known in Paraguay. For me, as an international student and chess player, travel has become a necessity. Thus, ebooks portability has become a crucial component of my studies during long voyages. In my academic career, ebooks have helped me by giving instantaneous access to inform...

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...and that “65% of college freshman read books for pleasure for less than an hour per week or not at all” (2012). According to Lynda Salmon ebooks “increase motivation and reading engagement” which are a foundation “in the acquisition of emergent literacy skills” (2013). Likewise, ebooks are extremely important because “they benefit the e-reading explosion, which helps society of individuals become more empathetic and open to alternative points of view” (Marquis 2012). Based on these diverse scholarly articles, we can conclude that reading ebooks effectively contribute to the expansion of literacy.
With their reasonable price, ebooks are the new educational way to engage society to read. Ebooks are comfortable. For that reasons, they will soon dominate the “market of knowledge” and will, therefore, become the essential part in a fight against illiteracy in this world.

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