Digital Immigrants And Digital Technology Essay

Digital Immigrants And Digital Technology Essay

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Review of Related Literature
Digital Natives in Education
Digital natives or digital learners absorb material best when connected to digital devices. These students are thought to be the generation of electronic multi-taskers and fast-paced learners. Digital natives can understand and use technology to engage in multiple activities at once. (Dicheva, Dichev, Agre, & Angelova, 2015) Marc Premsky, the creator of the term digital native, states that this is the first generation, which has had access to new technologies since birth. Computer games, the Internet, a cell phone, or any digital tool has become a part of this generation’s everyday life. This way of interacting has determined a different way of thinking, reception, and processing. Learners today work when connected to a network successfully and respond positively to instant rewards. Another quality this generation possesses is a preference for quick access to information. ( Onitâ, & Asan, 2013) Teaching a digital native is complicated. An educator needs to facilitate an environment in which a tremendous amount of engagement, interaction, constant multitasking activities and rewards are present.( Rosli, Saleh, Aris, Ahmad, & Salleh, 2016).
Gamification in the classroom
In an article published in The Futurist Araton M. Cohen explains that Gamification is the tool of the future and is quickly becoming the tool of choice. Slowing education is moving from printed text to " learning almost entirely online and declaring textbook more or less obsolete." (Cohen, 2011) He feels traditional textbooks are not able to serve the needs of a student anymore. Children today are digital natives as such they have turned to all sorts of gaming. Video Gaming or virtual realities are perfect e...

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... engaged in a game and go through it to the end because they enjoy playing." (Apostol, Zaharescu, & Alexe, 2013).
Motivation and engagement have two different meaning in gamification, but they are highly related to each other in accomplishing the end results of a game. Gamification allows players to participate in a competition where the user enjoys playing every second. Games attract students to take part in learning a new topic. Students can demonstrate their understanding of the subject because of the instant feedback quality of a match. Gamification has many features that draw students in learning. The teacher creates memorable moments for students, while still integrating the content that needs to be learned into the game. The material built into to the gaming environment stimulates critical thinking, animation, and fun. (Apostol, Zaharescu, & Alexe, 2013).

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