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In these days of time, operating business firms through digital technology is essential to stay competitive in the business market. There are foundations when it comes to doing business within companies to survive. It is very important for companies to stay with their competitors or surpass them through information technology. There are strategic opportunities and advantages business organizations can strived for; if they implement the right steps within the organization. Just like anything in life, there are some issues or problems that can be address when dealing with digital technology through business firms. Since internet started in the mid 90’s, companies have been remodeling their business and information system. Information systems is a very important matter because it involves electronic business with the internet, and this help companies grow tremendously; as business firm upgraded their operation systems to digital.
The internet started in the mid 90’s and it gave companies a new way to conduct business globally and effort to keep up with the competitive nature of business. Companies were not perfect when they first started using the internet to create business through websites. According to (Laudon, 2006), companies had issues designing and developing a Website to determine fair e-mail policy for employees (para. 11). One of the major flaws the companies were experiencing is thinking they can put anything up as a Website and expecting to be successful. The business firms would failed to focus on the internal processes and changes needed to conduct business successfully for the customers. For instance, developing a software program for communication and cyberspace for their valued customers. These were so...

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... some of the key facts to have a successful business firm.

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