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Digital Darwinism And The Divide Essay example

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Digital Darwinism and the Divide

We live in the digital age. Technology and internet access is widespread. Digital devices play an integral role in our everyday lives. It has become a staple of households, businesses and organizations, so much so it has been marked as a necessity, nut a luxury. The ability to access this technology comes down to a number of different variables.

Digital Darwinism is the study of the causes and effects due to adaptations with the rise of technology in our society. Smart phones, social media, and computers, are all part of a growing market in technology available to the public. Over the course of the past two decades, this rise in technology has drastically changed how we live, work and interact.

We’ve reached a point in our community where the absence of technology results in ignorance. Separation from the digital world was once a matter of personal preference, but now can result in a dangerous inconvenience. It has become the core of our society. The choice now is whether or not we chose to adapt to the digital age, but how.

Our choice of technology changes how we interact. What technology we adapt makes a statement about our identities, behaviors and lives.

Everyone is connected. We want to be involved, distracted. The desire to find distractions isn’t a new phenomenon, we’ve just changed the medium on how we do it. The world wide web has evolved to serve as a platform for information and identities. We have chosen to make it a place to portray ourselves, set in either reality or fantasy. The achievement of these methods mean the difference between societal success or failure.

Access to new technology offers the ability to thrive and grow. Our success relies on this truth. The use of...

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...his mission. The technological access has had a profound effect on academic success and economic opportunity.

With society’s increasing reliance on technology, there’s greater demand. This demand pushes for increased supplies, efficient productions, and cheaper products. Not only is the user adapting to technology, but the technology designed for the user. Companies understand the more people are using and understanding their devices, the more profitable their business will become. Cheaper phones, cheaper computers means easier access to the internet, knowledge, and prosperity.

The digital divide is both the cause and the result of an economic divide. Those that could afford the expensive devices could elevate, rise through the ranks. But now, with prices lowering, access growing, everyone can grow into their own. Everyone will be able to join the digital age.

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