Digital Communication Is The Electronic Exchange Of Information Through Various Media

Digital Communication Is The Electronic Exchange Of Information Through Various Media

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Digital communication is the electronic exchange of information through various media. I am growing up in a quickly advancing digital world where technology has had major effects on society. Anyone who has grown up in the 21st century has always had technology in their life whether through cell phones, television, computers or game systems. The use of social media outlets to communicate with others has been a highlight among the 21st generation and is a major method of communication in today’s society. through the use of websites, audio, video, text, and animated multimedia.The best parts of digital communication and its assets are improvements to interpersonal communication, relationships and health care.

One way technology has changed the lives of modern users is through interpersonal communication. In the 20th century, electronic ways to communicate were very limited. Cell phones, computers and electronic gaming were unknown entities. Telephones became popular in the 1800s. It took them over 115 years to be able to talk to someone across the country. Radios were the first type of mass communication. Families sat around the radio listening to their favorite shows. Radio had everything a television had except for the picture. Television, when first introduced, was considered “radio movies”, was very blurry and the size of an ipad. Television was the fastest form of mass communication. A television to people was a radio to people in the 1920s. Computers were a 20th century invention. The first computer was a math calculator. In the 21st century, digital communication changed the lives of people and business throughout the world. Such advancements have allowed industries and businesses to expand in explosive efforts. Americans...

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The best parts of digital communication and its assets are improvements to interpersonal communication, relationships and health care.

Without the advancement of digital communication, the world would not be in the place it is at today. Digital communication has advanced society in medicine. It has given people a chance to live longer lives. Communication among the business world and among industry throughout the world has improved and has expanded at the speed of light. The world has access to a wealth of information and knowledge. Digital communication continues to improve and allows us to do more than you could have ever even have imagined. Without such advancements in the digital arena and in technology in their lives, they would not be living in such a developed world.

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