Essay on Digital Citizenship And Our Children With The Aid Of Technology

Essay on Digital Citizenship And Our Children With The Aid Of Technology

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The world that we live in today is one of advanced technology; one that is rearing our children with the aid of technology is many different facets. Everything we do in today’s world is based off of or related to our modern devices in some way, shape or form. This brings up the issue of digital citizenship and how we approach this topic to our children. However, one must first ask what is digital citizenship? Digital citizenship is basically how to act responsibly and respectfully in your online presence. With this in mind, children need to be taught to handle how technology is being integrated into their daily lives: with civility, responsibility, and legality.
First, civility and common curtesy are important parts of our society today; thus, we should begin to teach our children how to apply them, not just to their everyday personal lives, but also to their ‘lives’ online. One of the main problems that children are facing today is bullying and it is often said that “kids can be cruel”; however, in light of recent technological developments, bullying has increased and is not just done in person anymore, it is spreading across the internet and children’s devices- kids are being more than cruel. 24% of children today have been bullied while online. 1 in every 4 has had it happen more than once (i-SAFE). This is a heartbreaking statistic that shows just how desperately children need to be taught how to handle their emotions online and that they need to filter each and every text, snap, or tweet that they send. They need to remember how the Golden Rule plays into effect; they should be treating everyone they encounter on their phones with kindness.
Next, as the famous superhero, Spider-Man, says, “with great power comes gre...

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...p in regard to their phones, computers, and how they carry themselves through their screens. First, the children are learning firsthand how to behave and treat others the way they would like to be treated in the classroom, but they also need to be taught to be kind all throughout their interactions online. Secondly, as children grow they are being taught how to handle things responsibly, naturally this should include the new world of technology as well. Lastly, it is imperative that the legal implications of various online crimes be taught to students today, because many have no idea that what they are doing is illegal and could find themselves in trouble with the law if they continue to illegally use their devices. Incontrovertibly, as technology and the amount of time that children spend online grows, so should their knowledge on how to be a proper digital citizen.

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