Essay on Digital Advertising And Its Effects On The Society

Essay on Digital Advertising And Its Effects On The Society

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Advertisings are very important for the companies to promote their products to masses. The first billboard was appeared in 1450’s and the companies still using it until today. They would use the billboards to post their posters. That can let the people pay attention or remember their company. Moreover, billboards are started to change in the society. Most of them are using technology billboards as they can make the costumers more interested in advertising such as they would use the LED screens and cameras to scan the costumers and give them the advertising which is the most suitable for them. On the other hand, some places still using neon light billboards to promote their company name on the high street such as Japan and Hong Kong. One of the reason is they can keep their style and they are highly prominent for the costumers. However, they are not useful then the digital advertisings. Digital advertising can give more information to the costumers and it can put different posters in the same time and some of them can more interactive with the costumers. Thus, this article is going to find out why costumers are more prefer digital billboards then the traditional one, and what element let it works to promote the advertising.

Literature review

4.1 the changing of billboards
There are many advertisings are charged today. The companies would not only use traditional billboards for the out-of-home advertisings. There are 20 double sided of digital screens in Birmingham city centre. All of them are sever full-motion, real-time and placements. People can use cameras with their smart phone to connect the NFC technology, then they can get more detail of the advertising. (Chahal. M., 2015) The billboards included...

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...hus, advertising is an important way to persuade the costumers to purchase their products. Technology advertising is a convenient to let companies benefit to promote themselves. They can put advertising in the internet while people using the network. That they can know more informational accidental. That method can help companies to bring more benefits.

Fig 2.5: Percentages of two different types of advertising who participants prefer

The pie chart shows two category of advertising which participants more prefer. There are digital advertising and traditional advertising. Most of the participants prefer digital advertising. Although some participants still prefer traditional advertising, it a part of people in the total. As the result, people would more prefer advanced advertising. They can accept the traditional advertising, but they more prefer the new one.

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