Digestion Of Carbohydrates By Salivary Amylase Essay

Digestion Of Carbohydrates By Salivary Amylase Essay

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In the experiment “Digestion of Carbohydrates by Salivary Amylase” this dealt with a test where amylase was observed from a saliva sample and starch mix. Salivary amylase is a digestive enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch of starch into simpler compounds (Saunders 1). The main function for salivary amylase is to break down starch. When it comes to starches, they are known to be complex carbohydrates. In order to see whether or not the amylase broke down the starch, you can add iodine to the saliva sample and starch mix. When the iodine is added and if the solution remains purple, the starch was not broken down. Although, if the solution turned into a yellowish color the starch was in fact broken down. What this shows is the amylase breaking down the starch to reduce the sugars ultimately. Doing the experiment The Benedict’s test can test these sugars. The Benedict’s test is a test done to determine the presence of reducing sugars. By adding Benedict’s solution to the saliva sample, heating the solution, and observing various color changes you are able to determine if the amylase broke down the starch. The hypothesis is that if iodine is added to the saliva sample along with the starch mix, the solution should become a yellowish color. This prediction was made due to it being known that the amylase enzyme breaks down starch. Likewise, it is highly unlikely that the sample would change purple, representing the absence of the enzyme.
In the experiment “Lipid Digestion and the Effect of Bile” this dealt with a test where pancreatin was observed by a specific pH indicator. Pancreatin is a combination of digestive enzymes, known as proteins that are normally produced by the pancreas and are vital for digesting fats, protein...

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... conclude the numerous experiments that were told within this lab report help to demonstrate digestive enzymes along with the variables that interacted with them. These experiments help to show how lipids are broken down, the property of emulsification, the amount of content, which is actually digested, along with the physical aspects of deglutition. Furthermore, the data, analyzes, and observations all helped ultimately to support the purposes and predictions of experiment that took place.

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