Differentiating Between Faith and Religion Essay

Differentiating Between Faith and Religion Essay

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What is the meaning of faith and why is it important? People believe faith is worth more to people then religion. The person may have the benefits of loving god and excepting him into that persons life without all the so called “work”. Many people believe that in order to accept God into the life of that person will need to have religion. But is that all wrong?
People would rather use faith because they do not want to be apart of a religion. The mentality that people have is that all religions are the same this is why faith prevails. People think that if they are to accept god into your life you must accept religion first because without religion there is no God which is as well not the case Faith is what more people want to use than religion. There are many reasons why. Maybe, it is because faith is just easier. Religion and faith both have there flaws. But what doesnt now of days? People believe that faith is what people have because they question the Bible.
Faith is important because it affects everything people think say and do. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world. Faith is having the believe in God but not necessity having a religion faith is also is to believe to be a way that God talks to people. Faith important because. Everyone needs to believe in God. Religion to America takes to much time. For example, people often watch movies and hear or see signs of faith. Faith is believing in things that common sense tells people not to (miracle on 34th Street) Miracle on 34th street. Is an old film but it is one of many to see how faith could work. Everyone is entitled to a believe in God that is why faith is important. Faith is important to many people around the earth. Yes, they may not have a steady religion.

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...n faith that faith is better then religion that if you have faith you will get into heaven. You dont have to claim a religion on your death bed. You dont have to fall into the flaws of religion.

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