Essay about Different Views on Cloning

Essay about Different Views on Cloning

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When people think of the word cloning they think of evil scientist in a dark laboratory’s full of dangerous and scary instruments of science for conducting experiments, when actually the word clone means, “a cell, cell product, or organism that is genetically identical to the unit or individual from which it was derived (” In the past 50 years the science community has made many discoveries such as the cures for different life threatening diseases, different techniques of approaching different types of cancer, and different uses for the practice of cloning. Different people have many opinions about cloning. Some people in the medical field support the practice of cloning, because they believe it can help cure certain diseases by watching how they develop during the cloning process. But some people in the medical field do not support the practice of cloning, because they feel as if it is just a waste of time, and waste of money. Other people do not support the practice of cloning for religious reasons; because they feel as if things are suppose to live once and if a once living organism is artificially reproduced then it is defying the divine grace of God.

Sir Isaac Newton says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and just as some people of the science community support the practice of cloning, other people of the science community reject the practice of cloning for science. Some people of the science community reject the practice for reasons; such controlling sexual orientation for a baby, creating a race of sub humans that could be used for slavery or cheap labor, and killing embryos. When it comes to having children most expecting parents are excited to know that they will be...

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... believe that you, "Honor your father and mother (Ephesians 6:2)”, but since clones are bioengineered, they will not be able to follow the written word of God. Some religious communities believe that scientists shouldn't receive government funding to satisfy their own god-complexes and that humans should never become more powerful than God. They feel as if, “Our Lord has made it very clear that only He can create human life. He is very upset with scientists' efforts with regard to stem cell research and cloning (Bainbridge)”, and that the scientist should put an end to the effort of cloning, to put more effort towards the research and development of medicine. When it comes to family religious groups believe that family is the most important in their life followed by God, and they feel as if cloning could somehow corrupt traditional family relationships and lineage.

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