The Different Views Of Illegal Immigration Essay examples

The Different Views Of Illegal Immigration Essay examples

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The Different Views of Illegal Immigration
The most talked about news around the world right now is on the Immigration Surge. Thousands of children from Central America are illegally crossing the United States borders in search of a better life. Can you imagine what these children have been exposed to in their country of origin that they courageously decided to risk their lives’ in order to escape their harsh reality in hopes of finding happiness in The United States of America?
In article II the writer made me feel that he is against illegal immigration. The writer seems to focus on why the town mayor, the residents, DHS, and border patrol agents are against illegal immigration. On the other hand there are some people who are in support of illegal immigrants. However, In Article II, the writer made me feel that he strongly believes in protecting illegal immigrants. He mentions operation Peter Pan in comparison to the surge of illegal immigrant children situation we face today. When speaking on this topic, he shows an extreme appeal to emotion while trying to get his point across. My position on this topic would be against illegal immigration for several reasons. The first reason would be that the cost to pay a Coyote is extremely high, why not just apply for a guest-worker program? Reason two would be that these poor people experience many horrors on the actual trip to a get to where they believe would be a better life. Lastly, because it costs us the American tax payers billions to accommodate them.
In Article one, “Protestors turn back busloads of illegal immigrants, as border stations overwhelmed” by William La Jeunesse, the writer made me feel that he is against illegal immigration. I feel that that he mostly appealed to l...

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...up living even better than us. How nice!
The immigration surge topic is viewed by many in different ways. Some people are for illegal immigrants and some are against it. I can see why these immigrants come to the United States looking for a better life. They live in poverty and are being forced in to a life of violence. However, does the risk of coming to America really outweigh the benefits? Mothers are no longer crying because their children are being forced to join gangs and violence. They cry because their children did not make the long torturous journey in search of a better life. It should not be us the American taxpayers responsibility to accommodate them after entering this country illegally. In order to come to the United States and live the American dream, immigrants should go through the process legally and avoid risking their lives and life savings.

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