Different Versions Of Snow White And Cinderella Essays

Different Versions Of Snow White And Cinderella Essays

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There are many fairy tales that have been discussed in this class. The most interesting stories to me are Snow White by Brother Grimm and Ever After: A Cinderella Story directed by Andy Tennant based on Cinderella by Charles Perrault. There are many different versions of Snow White and Cinderella from numerous cultures. In every version, both stories are known as children bed time stories. In addition, the purpose of both stories is to give a life lesson to the children about overcoming evil to attain happiness. At first, every fairy tale has to deal with evil that threatens the protagonist, but in the end, good must always win. In the same way, both of the fairy tales have a similar scenario of a character that is beautiful and has an equally sweet disposition, but is thwarted by an antagonist who is driven by jealousy and greed. For example, both Snow White and Cinderella are beautiful, nice and kind, but they both have to deal with an evil stepmother that treats them unfairly. Following the criteria of this genre, both Snow White and Cinderella stories end up with a happy ending.
With that observation noted, I want to analyze the deeds of good and bad characters from both stories and elaborate on the lessons from the stories by using summarizing, comparing and contrasting to relate what they share in common and what are their differences.
In Snow White, the author reveals that Snow White has to deal with an antagonist, her evil stepmother. Snow White got her name from her mother before she died. Her name is an analogy for purity. Although her mother has passed away, she still enjoys her life in the kingdom before her father remarries. However, her life changes from princess to maid when her stepmother moves to the kingdom wi...

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...’t permitted to go to the ball, but her childhood friend helps her out. She gets saved by the prince when she fits in her slipper, and her wick stepmother and older stepsister get punished by the king to work as laundry maids for the rest of their lives.
In conclusion, Both Snow White and Ever After: A Cinderella Story express that good people overcome the wicked after suffering many trials. The moral that the author Perrault was giving to the children was to always believe in themselves and not let evil corrupt their character. The moral of Snow White is that easily trusting a stranger can harm you and ruin your life. However, both stories end up with a “happily ever after” chapter to show good wins out in the end no matter how much struggling has to be faced. Therefore, it is essential to show a good behavior to everyone, and the curse will be judged by itself.

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