Different Values Between Chinese Family And American Family Essay

Different Values Between Chinese Family And American Family Essay

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The different values between Chinese family and American family
First, Chinese family and American play a big role in there and community. Chinese families as well as American families value education. The reason why American families believe education is important for their kids because he or she as the parent is responsible for their child education. ‘Researchers” have understood the “parents” involvement with their children help their children to do better in schools and throughout their lives. For example it takes a village to raise a child that saying is so true because people like families, friends and the community play a big part in a child life. This is why American parents work from pay check to pay check to put their children in school. Sometimes American families can need financial support to pay for their children education; American families also word hard to show their children to do the same. American families know at times the school districts are poor this is why most American families struggle to get a good education for their children. Chinese and American family values are different, such as education, money, and how they treat family, what is important to them in family life is similar in ways.
Second, unlike Chinese families they want their children to be successful, for example Chinese families make sacrifices for their children to put them in the best schools. Chinese families play a big role in kids’ education because he or she as their parent is responsible to teach their children that education is important, so that the child can advance in their studies. If their child does not understand their homework or classwork the parent can “hire” a “private tutor” to help the child. Chinese families invest’ ...

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... other because families have to spend time with their loved ones.
Eventually, although Chinese families believe their family comes first Chinese families take pride in their culture. Chinese families enjoys being around each other by having family gatherings. Culture is very important to Chinese families because they take their tradition very seriously. This is why Chinese families take time to engage with their loved ones. Chinese families make sure their practice their tradition on regular basics with their loved ones and friends. They also teach their children about their tradition and how to speak Chinese so that their children can apply it to their education and their life’s. Most Chinese kids pick up early how to speak Chinese and embrace their culture and tradition. Chinese families instill in the children manners to prepare their children for the real world.

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