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Different Types of Unemployment Essay

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People need money to purchase all kinds of goods and services they needed every day and sometimes, for goods or services they desire to own. To fulfill that, they have the essential need to earn money. In order to earn money, they must work in either in fields related to their interests or to their qualifications. However, people will meet different challenges during their jobs-hunting sessions, such as many candidates competing for a job vacancy; salaries offered are lower than expected salaries and economic crisis or down which causes unemployment. Unemployment is what we will be looking into in this report. Dwidedi (2010) stated that unemployment is defined as not much job vacancies are available to fulfill the amount of people who want to work and can work according to the current pay they can get for a job they chose to work as. There are four major types of unemployment: frictional, structural, cyclical and seasonal unemployment.
The first type of unemployment is frictional unemployment. Mankiw (2008) says that frictional unemployment is “unemployment that results because it takes time for the workers to search for the jobs that best suit their tastes and skills” (p. 601). The rate of frictional unemployment will never be zero so the full employment never reached. The new entrants like fresh graduates and re-entrants like housewives will also lead to frictional unemployment. The period of frictional unemployment is determined by the unemployment insurance benefits and the speed of the information (Mouhammed, 2011). According to Arnold (2011), the major cause of frictional unemployment is imperfect information, which means that the lacking of information required in matching a job applicant immediately with a job vacancy. T...

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