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Different Types Of Technologies And Innovation Essay example

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The research is done on the different types of technologies and innovation that have helped to make the supply chain industry more effective, and efficient. The research goes on to give the difficulties before the innovations and technology were in use by companies, and the significant change and savings that the technology has brought about when they were implemented in supply chain. The research was done through a number of credited web site like inbound logistics.com, the LAtimes.com and also the APUS library. The different technologies and innovations that were researched touches on fuel-efficient truck and the saving they bring to the industry. Radio Frequency identification (RFID) and how this technology has reduced labor cost make items easier to track. Cross docking, and how it has reduced the need for large warehouses, and the hub and spoke and how it has significantly aid large business, and airline companies to maximize profit.

The Supply chain industry is the most important industry in the world, and it is safe to give the industry this title because supply chain is the driving force of the world’s economy. If there were no supply chain, countries would not be able to export nor import goods, living them with the only option of self-sustenance. Because of supply chain and globalization, small countries has the opportunity to find new markets for exports all over the world, which provides jobs for their citizens and grow their economy at a much faster rate. Supply chain is the process of getting a product from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible. This is done negotiating with suppliers to purchases materials, then shipping these items through the different modes of transportation, which are trucks, s...

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...tegies like cross docking have eliminated the need for major warehouse, by transports good directly from incoming freight carriers, to truck or trans that takes the supply directly to the stores. The hub and spoke method used by companies has significantly trimmed the amount of gas and man-hours used to transport supplies from suppliers to stores. This has also saved airline companies billions of dollars, allowing them to have full flight by bring passengers to one central hub. The constant development of Innovation and technology is great for the supply chain industry, and it helps the industry save money and also save the environment. The supply chain industry is responsible for significant amount of carbon emission, so if the industry can continue to develop technology that saves money and improves the quality of the environments this would be a win win situation.

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