The Different Types Of Remedies Essay

The Different Types Of Remedies Essay

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The different types of remedies are substantial to resolve a dispute.
A civil remedy is when a court of law, enforces a right, imposes a penalty, or makes another court order to impose its will. The sum of the remedy is based on the degree of assistance required by the individual. This is imposed by a judge after the individual has recognized that she or he has had their rights infringed by the defendant. The cost of remedies is usually broken up into many subcategories with numerous conditions coming into consideration. Compensatory damages is the money that is paid for the harm done to property or a person, which has resulted in an overall loss of worth or the diminishing of its usefulness. At times there is a minimum required amount that is paid to the winning plaintiff according to statute law. Coercive remedies are also imposed, with the intent of forcing the defendant to do, or to refrain from harming the plaintiff. Equitable remedies are designed to bring about justice in situations where money does not provide complete relief to individuals who have been harmed. The remedy also depends on the severity of the case and to what extent a certain law has been breached. (, 2014)
In every case a judge would decide the sum based on the different types of laws violated and the types of remedies specific to the situation. Many civil court cases deal with the issue of breaching a contract. In this example compensatory damages, restitution, punitive damages and quantum meruit are going to be used. Suppose an individual hired and employed someone to clean their house for $100, but was unable to do it. Later the individual searched for a new cleaning service, and the cheapest one found charged $150. I...

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...acy of civil remedies is a topic which requires much analysis and investigation. One could argue that due to the large variety of civil remedies, the impartiality of judges and the right to appeal, that civil remedies are most often than not substantial. Nevertheless some remedies are hard to enumerate, money cannot always make up for a situation and there are various legal loopholes. Due to these reason one could argue that remedies don’t or never will go far enough. I am much divided on this issue and have yet to make up my mind on where I stand. An improvement in this area could be by giving out other forms of remedies, not just money. Perhaps replacing a vandalised item or compensating for a breach of contract by working extra hours. It would be fruitful to pursue further research and discussion about this in order to come to a better understanding of this topic.

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