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The Different Types Of Relationships Essay

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There are many different types of relationships. From your neighbor to your significant other, experiencing different relationships is a part of everyday life. Wether you posses good or bad communication skills will affect the interpersonal relationships within your life. The popular television series Modern Family is a good example of the different types of friendships, types of love, and relationship theories that encompass the everyday person.
Friendship is an interpersonal relationship between two people that is mutually productive and can be characterized by mutual positive regard. Friendship should enhance the potential of each person involved and should only be productive. You must like each other in order to call it a friendship, and it should have the characteristics of trust, emotional support, and sharing of interests. There are three major types of friendship: reciprocity, receptivity, and association.
Receptivity type of friendship is described as an imbalance in giving and receiving. One person is the primary giver and the other is the primary receiver. Although this relationship is imbalanced, it is considered positive because each person gains something from the relationship. In episode three season eight of Modern Family, the relationship between Marv, a promotional advisor, and Phil, a realtor, can be described as a friendship of receptivity. Marv works for Phil to help advertise his properties, which benefits Phil’s business. Marv is the primary giver and Phil is the primary receiver. Phil also thinks very highly of Marv and thinks he can sell anything and that “he is a master” at what he does.
Love is an interpersonal relationship developed, maintained, and possibly destroyed through communication, but also can...

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...xample of one of the three opposing motives; you can wish to still be an independent person while also wanting to connect closely to another person and grow the relationship. People often worry that they will lose their identity if they become too involved with their partner. If you understand the relationship dialects theory, then you will be able to deal with these issues through the ways it suggests.
Close relationships can often be referred to as interpersonal relationships. The television series Modern Family is centered around the different types of interpersonal relationships the everyday person can relate to. Being aware of how we communicate within our friendship, love, family, or workplace relationships can help you better yourself. Understanding the different relationship theories will help you understand how and why our relationships work or don’t work.

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