Different Types Of Reinforcement And Parenting Styles Essay

Different Types Of Reinforcement And Parenting Styles Essay

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There are countless factors, each significant, that play a part in molding and developing a child’s mind. The education system, the economic standing, the number of siblings, and the type of environment the child grows up in all play a role in the development of his or her personality traits. However, the most important aspect of raising a child comes into play at home, with the parenting style employed by the child’s mother and/or father. The four most recognized parenting styles – Baumrind’s authoritarian, permissive, authoritative, and uninvolved styles – all impact a child’s habits, strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits. No objectively “perfect” parenting style exists, but there are without a doubt styles that produce more driven children, more compassionate children; the possibilities are endless. Each individual responds to different types of reinforcement and parenting differently, but specific impacts can be definitively determined based off of style of parenting. While personality traits are important, effectiveness, as measured through pure results, can provide a vital take on what it means to be a parent. Though each style has its benefits and weaknesses, the authoritative and authoritarian styles, including each of their tendencies towards both positive and negative reinforcement, have proven time and again to be the most effective ways of successfully achieving behavioral and educational results. Perhaps someday a flawless way to parent will exist, but absolutely no empirical evidence exists that points to any perfect style of parenting.
The most blatantly obsolete parenting style with regards to its effectiveness is clearly the uninvolved style. These parents have no involvement in their child’s life. The un...

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...ies in the way parenting occurs in completely different parts of the world. “Chinese and American parents were significantly higher in academic authoritarianism than were Australian parents, and that there was no significant difference between Chinese and American parents” (Leung). Another study, conducted by Caitlin M. Barnhart, set out to determine the favored parenting styles by comparing opinions of college students in India against college students in the United States. The results came in contrary to the hypotheses of Barnhart and her associates. The American students chose authoritative and authoritarian methods as the more effective ones while the Indian students, surprisingly, seemed to prefer the idea of the permissive method. These cross-cultural studies continue and will remain important in studying the psychology of parenting throughout the human race.

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