Essay on The Different Types of Plagiarism

Essay on The Different Types of Plagiarism

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Plagiarism is very frequently talked about in all types of settings. Plagiarism is considered a fraud or a scam in most cases. Plagiarism is most commonly heard about and mentioned in a school environment. Since plagiarism is pretty must defined as copying somebody else’s words or ideas as their own without giving credit to the proper author or writer, it makes this issue more commonly widespread than rare in all school settings. The demand of paper work and writing assignments can be overwhelming, especially when more than one has to be written for the same week or day. Let’s face it, not everyone has the given talent to choose words with ease or can write papers without getting writers block. It can be a frustrating struggle, which lives people to plagiarize at times when their own thoughts or ideas cannot be translated into paper.
When it comes to plagiarism, it does happen and exist, but is definitely avoidable.
Plagiarism all-around is a negative option or approach, but can be difficult at times, because the person can have a very basic understanding to what plagiarism entails. Plagiarism includes several branches, to which the person or student may not even know they are plagiarizing. Sometimes it’s extremely challenging to write facts in your own words, because facts are facts. This is where it’s important to reference and cite all work, to show appreciation and display credit where and when it’s needed. Sometimes the student does not even realize they are plagiarizing, because they are to correctly quoting or paraphrasing what is being used. This can be considered as unintentional plagiarism.
Plagiarism is plagiarism, but in some cases it’s not always the student intention to do so. It’s relatively eas...

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...ion has to be awarded for the idea. It is imperative when paraphrasing or expressing another idea, to properly reference the sources and to acknowledge it onto your paper, usually at the end of the paper in the bibliography page.
Common knowledge as stated in several websites does not have a specific definition, but is usually determined by facts. When emphasizing facts in your paper, one should supply citations, quotations, and references where the information was obtained, to prevent the risk of plagiarism. When citing work, I believe it’s always better to cite as you go. Over-citing your work would be considerably more beneficial on the safe side, than under-citing. It also gives your papers reader the opportunity to analyze the authenticity of your paper, to seize original work from cited work, in regards to common knowledge and personal descriptiveness.

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