Essay Different Types Of Parenting Styles

Essay Different Types Of Parenting Styles

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Most parents today want the best for their child or children, but there are many different parenting styles that a parent can have. There are four types of styles that I know of that are more common and they include authoritative parenting, authoritarian parenting, indulgent parenting, and neglectful parenting.
Adolescence is a period of development where changes like physical, psychological, and emotional take place. Parenting styles adopted by their parents have a lot of influence during this period which could affect their resilience. Resilience is the ability of an individual to come out of an adverse situation. The style of interactions of parents with their children is very important in the development of adolescents. Parental competence, good family communication, shared parental values and parental receptiveness to communication are very important. This is why there are different types of parenting styles and each one is different because of how the children’s parents were raised also.
Parenting styles play a role in the development of the parent’s child or children and can influence their cognitive, social and psychological growth. This can affect their children in both childhood and adult years. Since the parents are around the children more often it can cause the children to be influenced negatively or positively. Types of parenting can include being a stricter or more controlling parent or a more relaxed parent, but they also have different effects on children.
One type of parenting style is authoritative parenting, which is a responsive and demanding parenting style and holds a high expectation and demand of maturity. These types of parents are the ones that teach their children to be independent while also controlli...

... middle of paper ... encourage social interactions and self-expression.
I think in the end people should go with the parenting they choose, but they have to make sure that their child has a life and that their development skills won’t be affected by that parenting style. This makes me think about what kind of parenting style I have with my son. It could be authoritative, authoritarian, neglectful, and indulgent or it could be some of the others like positive parenting, attachment parenting, nurturant parenting or toxic parenting. I see all kinds of parenting in the world we live in today and sometimes I’m proud of other parents on how they parent their kids and others I don’t agree on how they parent their kids. I research this a lot because it’s something that I want to make a change with. I don’t want to be that relaxed household or strict household, I want to be in between the two.

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