Different Types Of Natural Disasters Essay

Different Types Of Natural Disasters Essay

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There are many different types of natural disasters that occur in our world. Some of these include tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. The most frightening of all of these is an earthquake because there is no warming before they rock the earth. With all the media attention to natural disasters lately, are Californians ready for a big quake?
The earth 's subsurface is broken up into a bunch of puzzle-like pieces. These puzzle pieces are called tectonic plates. The edge of the tectonic plates are called faults and this is typically where earthquakes occur. There are three types of boundaries that the pieces can have; divergent, convergent, and transform. Earthquakes occur at transform boundaries most often. At a transform boundary, the two tectonic plates “suddenly slip past one and other” and the energy creates ripples, called seismic waves, that are felt on the surface (Wald).
There can be three parts to an earthquake: the foreshock, the mainshock, and the aftershock. The foreshock and the aftershock are smaller than the mainshock but can still be powerful. Sometimes, there is not a foreshock, but there is always an aftershock. If the mainshock earthquake is large enough, then the aftershock earthquakes can “continue for weeks, months, and even years after the mainshock” (Wald).
A seismograph machine is used to record earthquakes. The machine has a “base that sets firmly in the ground and a heavy weight that hangs free” on a string (Wald). When the earthquake is in progress, the base of the machine shakes with the earthquake but the string absorbs all the movement and the weight remains still. Scientists use this data to figure out the strength of an earthquake and the epicenter. At this time, scientists are unable to predict...

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...d ahead to recovery for many (Archives.gov).
The government stepped in and enacted a few different emergency appropriations. The city was forced to pay for “food, water, tents, blankets, and medical supplies in the weeks following the quake and the fire” that was started shortly after the quake (Archives.gov). The government also gave funds to rebuild many of the damaged and destroyed public buildings. But this was a good reaction to the earthquake.
I hope that if a big earthquake that the government and international aid will have the ability to reach as many people as they can. The ways that I am preparing for this earthquake is by finding my safe spot in my house and, most importantly, creating a survival kit. The devastation from the earthquakes inspire me to prepare as well as I can if any disaster strikes. I will be prepared if an earthquake strikes, will you?

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