Different Types Of Medicine Date Essay

Different Types Of Medicine Date Essay

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Different types of medicine date back as far 2600BC in Ancient Egypt, but medicine as we know it did not get the modern roots that we know until the early 1900’s in the United States. Though that is a huge time span, medicine has always had a common goal to treat, and make people feel better. The goal continues to exist even to this day, but sometimes the services are less than positive. In some instances, a patient may be treated and be considered better, but their quality of life is not there. The reason why this happened back then and even today is because doctors are not allowed to spend enough time with patients as the go by the motto “Quality v. Quantity.” Since doctors choose quantity (how many people can I see in a day) rather than quality (how does the patient feel) patients are not treated properly and therefore the health either declines or they have a relapse of their illness. This decline leads to high health care costs and this is especially true in the elderly population. Especially today health care costs are high and that probably is so because of doctors not preventing or catching the disease at an early stage. To try to improve the quality aspect and health care costs of the elderly, scientists are participating in gerontology research to find a way to slow down the progression of aging.
According to an article by US News called “The Future of Aging”, scientists are currently looking for ways to improve the longevity of people’s lives, but not necessarily the lifespan(Hobson,2016). The article says the scientists’ goal is to make people in their 80’s feel like they are in their 50’s and 60’s. The way scientists purpose to achieve this is by creating drugs and diets which will clear out degenerative cells (Hobson...

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...increase and health care costs would go down because of a decrease in the need for care.
In conclusion, the need for health care is high right now and so are the health care costs. With the possibility of new ways to slow down the aging process and also by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we as a nation can cut down on health care costs and the need for care would decrease too. This not only means people would be healthier longer but it also means the unfortunate people who do fall ill will have better care because there would be fewer people to treat on a daily basis. This is good for the patients but also the nation as there are not enough people becoming doctors anymore and if we were to eliminate the need for so much health care everything would be better. Though the drug and ideas are still in research mode, I hope someday soon this could all become a reality.

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