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Different Types Of Languages With The World Essays

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Second Language Logistics
There are many different types of languages spoken in the world. People all around the globe speak at least one native language; many people speak multiples. It is important to realize that America is behind in teaching of languages, and this set back hits close to home in our school district. Because District 301 is lacking in offering second languages to be taught when students are in grade school, the students are being set back and are not as advanced in languages as foreign schools.
When compared to the foreign schools, the first time District 301’s students are exposed to foreign language is in 7th grade in a mandatory quarter long foreign language class. The start of a student’s 8th grade year is the first time a student is allowed to study a second language of their choice for the whole year. This year long credit earned can account towards the language requirement during their career at Central High School. Beyond high school, many colleges require students to have had exposure to a foreign language otherwise they will be paying for the class during the student’s college career. With this being said, if a student was taught a second language when they were younger, he or she would not have to take a foreign language class in highschool or college because the student would already be fluent in the second language.
Known from experience, learning a new language is very challenging. District 301’s language programs are challenging and are taught by students who care and want to help better prepare the students for college. Parents in the district should question why the schools won’t introduce a full year long language class in elementary school rather than 8th grade or high school. I believ...

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...hese dual language students would perform better on tests than their monolingual peers. Students from foreign countries who have taken the language courses offered in this school district can see failure in the way District 301 teaches languages. Changing a simple error in how students learn a foreign language will better prepare the student for college; in addition, when they decide to pursue a career of his or her choice, knowing and being fluent in a second language will give that student an added bonus on their resume.

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