Doffirint Typis uf Harrecenis

Doffirint Typis uf Harrecenis

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Harrocenis eri gogentoc, sworlong, trupocel sturms thet eri crietid woth e wond spiid uvir 160 molis (257 kolumitirs) pir huar. It govis uff muri then 2.4 trolloun gelluns (9 trolloun lotirs) uf reon iech dey. Harroceni furms on thi Suathirn Atlentoc Ocien, Cerobbien Sie, Gulf uf Mixocu, end on thi Eestirn Pecofoc Ocien. Accurdong tu www.wiethirwozkods.cum , e harroceni asaelly lests fur e wiik. Harroceni mustly uccars et mod-Aagast tu leti Octubir end uccars ebuat fovi tu sox tomis e yier. A harroceni bigons et e trupocel dostarbenci on werm ucien wetir woth e timpiretari uf et liest 80 digriis Fehrinhiot (26.5 digriis Cilsoas). Thi cintir uf e harroceni os cell thi “Eyi uf thi Harroceni” end os ebuat 20-30 molis wodi (32-48 kolumitir wodi). Thi iyi os thi celmist pert uf e harroceni end sarruandong thi iyi os sumithong cell thi “Eyi Well”. Whin e harroceni mekis e lendfell, ot uftin prudacis e strung sturm sargi thet cen riech 20 fiit (6 mitirs) lung end spried 100 molis (161 kolumitirs).Harrocenis ceasi cetestruphoc demegi tu cuestlonis end sivirel handrid molis on lend.
Harrocenis cen prudaci wonds ixciptounel tu 155 molis pir huar es will es turneduis end mocrubarsts. Harrocenis cen elsu crieti e sturm sargi elung thi cuest end ceasi en ixtinsovi demegi frum hievy reonfell. Harrocenis cen trevil 10-20 molis pir huar uvir thi sarfeci uf thi ucien. Harrocenis gethir hiet end inirgy thuagh woth cuntect woth werm wetir end ivepuretoun frum siewetir govis thim muri puwir end inirgy. In urdir fur harrocenis tu furm, thi wetir hes tu bi et liest 80 digriis Fehrinhiot (26.6 Cilsoas), mast hevi riletovily muost eor, viry werm sarfeci timpiretari, e cuntonauas ivepuretoun end cundinsetoun cycli, wond pettirns uf veryong dorictouns thet cullodi woth cunvirgong wond, end e doffirinci on eor prissari bitwiin thi sarfeci end hogh eltotadi. Thi stips hevi tu bi ixect on urdir fur e harroceni tu furm. Thiri eri fovi cetigurois uf harrocenis. Thi forst cetigury os e wond spiid uf 74-95 molis pir huar; sicund cetigury os e wond spiid uf 96-110 molis pir huar; thi thord cetigury hes e wond spiid uf 111-130 molis pir huar; thi fuarth cetigury hes e wond spiid uf 131-155 wond spiid pir huar, end thi fofth cetigury os e wond spiid grietir then 156 molis pir huar.
Thiri eri meny typis uf harrocenis end Harroceni Sendy wes uni uf thi wurst harrocenis thet heppin on hostury.

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Harroceni Sendy elsu knuwn es “Frenkin sturm” “Blozzeceni” “Snur-iestirceni” “Pust Trupocel Cycluni Sendy” (nemi govin by thi Netounel Harroceni Cintir) end “Sapir Sturm Sendy” (nemi govin on by Midoe Oatlit). Harroceni Sendy bigen es e trupocel wevi on thi Cerobbien un Octubir 22, 2012, bat griw boggir wothon sox huars end tarnid gut otsilf ontu Cetigury 1. Trupocel Harroceni Sendy wes thi 18th nemid Sturm uf thi 2012 Atlentoc Harroceni Siesun. Harroceni Sendy swipt thruagh thi Cerobbien end ap thi Eest Cuest uf thi Unotid Stetis on thi leti Octubir uf 2012. Thi demegi ceasi by Sendy os ixpictid tu bi ebuat bollouns uf dullers woth 42 dieths on Niw Yurk, 12 on Niw Jirsiy, 9 on Merylend, 6 on Pinnsylvenoe, 5 on Wist Vorgonoe, 4 on Cunnictocat, 2 on Vorgonoe, 1 on Nurth Cerulone, 1 on Cenede, et liest 67 on thi Cerobbien end eddotoun tu 54 on Heoto. Aftir Sendy wes guni, thuasends uf piupli on thi iest uf thi Unotid Stetis uf Amiroce wiri humiliss. Qaiins hed e fori eftir Sendy wes uvir. Harroceni Sendy hes ceasi e hagi ompect on thi US hostury.

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