The Different Types Of Friends Essay

The Different Types Of Friends Essay

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Throughout our lives, we form friends to help us discover the various stages of life with. Some of these friends help define who we are as people. There are five different types of friends that will come and go in our lives. They are the wild ones, the dependable ones, the lucky ones, the chill ones and the funny ones. All of them can evolve to be an amazing group of best friends.
First up are the wild ones. These type of friends always seem to be getting into trouble. When the chance for a party arises, the wild ones will leap at the opportunity to be present. They relinquish their responsibilities and procrastinate their duties to the last minute in order to attend any and all parties, if possible. Grades do not seem to be their number one priority in life. Getting a high score on a video game; however, is on the top of their to-do list. They may disregard other, more important tasks just to achieve top score status. These are the "friends" that will ask for your homework to "double check" their answers. We all know they just forgot to do the assignment or procrastinated until the end. Every so often they remind us it is okay to have a little fun in our lives. Maybe that is the reason they are one of our best friends.
Next is the complete opposite of the wild ones, which are the dependable ones. They are the designated "moms" of the group. Not only do they write things down in a planner, but they adhere to their scribbles as if they were laws etched on a stone tablet like the tablets of Moses. It is their guide to life. Instead of procrastinating, they will have the assignment done a week in advance. When it comes to studying, they make flashcards and study packets. Which, by the way, comes in handy when they forget to ...

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...eds time to themselves, they know when to get serious. The funny ones are always up for an adventure if the opportunity presents itself. Late night trips to unknown destinations are how they get their hilarious stories. Funny friends are good to have in your life to give a motivational boost in life. Plus, everyone wants to be close to someone who can make them laugh and make life a little less serious.
In life, we all come to the realization that our friends are what really matter. They help us live life to the fullest, they make us laugh, and even though we may envy some of them, we can always trust them with our lives. They help shape us into the people we become in our lives. Our friends are the definition of our true selves. We can see who we are and who we will become through their friendship. We all know life is better when we surround ourselves with friends.

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