Different Types Of Friends, Acquaintances, And Best Friends Essay examples

Different Types Of Friends, Acquaintances, And Best Friends Essay examples

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When you spend time with friends you will notice that each one has a special personality that is different from anyone else. Friends have different traits and characteristics that create their individual personalities. For example, a good friend will show signs of a sense of humor, great advice, and honesty. Friends are very important to have in our lives because they are the backbone and support system when we face obstacles that are tough in our lives. Furthermore, friends are always there to love and comfort us through those hard times; showing their respect, honesty, loyalty, and care. There are three major types of friends, acquaintances, social friends, and best friends. Individuals inside of these major types has their own characteristics and personality. Understanding how each friend relates to the world will ensure a cohesive relationship and a successful, happy life.
In our lives, we interact with many different types of people. Some of these people we will never see again in our lives and others we will start the path of a deeper friendship. The beginning stages of communication with another person may open the door to the acquaintance category of friendship. Acquaintances are people who, even if you see them every day, talk superficially with you. This group of people has a lower level of interest in your dreams, passions, and interests. Also, acquaintances may ask one-sided favors from you, and don 't give anything back to you in return. Finally, acquaintances do not spend extra amounts of time with you and are people you talk to in order to help the time pass by at work, school, or other engagements.
Continuing down the path of friendship leads to a deeper friendship called your social circle. You share a deeper lev...

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...nication, acceptance, and helpfulness of your friends increases. Acquaintances are people we talk to, but barely know. They don’t know very much about our lives and are there to hold a conversation. Your social circle is your largest group of friends and are people who enjoy spending more time with you and getting to know who you are on the inside. Finally, the strongest relationship you can have with your friends is with your best friends. This small group of people in your life have the most impact in your life. They mention your mistakes, help you with your problems, keep secrets, and would give anything to see you happy. In order to have a successful and happy life people have to surround themselves by friendship in all different forms. Understanding each individual person and accepting them for who they are is what leads to a successful relationship with others.

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