Different Types Of Flexibility An Organization An Offer An Employee Essay

Different Types Of Flexibility An Organization An Offer An Employee Essay

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In today’s world the ability to offer flexibility to their employees has shown to be very beneficial and non beneficial to many organizations, in multiple ways. Employees are able to have a reliable job, and be able to work their work hours or arrangements around their personal lives. This is seen as beneficial due to the fact that many employees are now not able to just work a regular 9 am to 5pm job. It is not to say that by an organization being flexible that all is well this could have arising problems also.

There is many different types of flexibility an organization an offer an employee. Starting off with what they would call “flexible time“(Schaefer 2016), meaning that employees are able to work a range of times to begin and end their work days. Many of which would have a required “core” time of which they have to work. This would be seen as beneficial to employees whom are sick, have families, is taking college courses. The non beneficial side to this could be that employees may not follow the rules of a required time, they may try to work the hours that they see fit. Whi...

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