Different Types of Conflicts Essay examples

Different Types of Conflicts Essay examples

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Conflicts can happen within a group due to various reasons.
These types of conflict can be classified into conflict over responsibility of team members, conflict over insufficient resources, conflict over interpersonal relationship and conflict of interests. In terms of conflict that exist in our group, the conflict over insufficient resources arose, as there was a slight issue on the use of materials in the second game of the team building activities.
The second game of CA1, as mentioned above, involved ‘protecting’ the balloon from bursting as we were given different types of materials to devise a method to ensure the balloon did not burst when we release the balloon into the basket containing a needle. With the 10 given materials, we were only allowed to utilise 5 of the 10 given materials to design our makeshift balloon protection strategy. Due to the wide variety of choices, we had to eliminate objects that were deemed unsuitable, and we ultimately ended with the choice of either the “straw” or the “cotton patch”. Some of the members thought that the straw could be folded to offer more protection by creating a larger surface area, though a few of us thought that the cotton patch would offer more protection by having a thicker layer of cotton can make it hard for the needle to pierce through. After a series of discussion and trial-and-error through repetitive testing of balloon to simulate how the balloon will fall, the straw proved to be useful as it was able to act as a counterweight which prevented the balloon from ‘bouncing’ vigorously after its fall, and also acted as a layer of protection from the needle. This discovery is also mostly credited to the understanding that exist among our group members, who were open and rec...

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...m which is which material will most effectively allow us to drop to balloon without it bursting. We decide that the best course of action would be to test both material out seeing which offers the most protection. Then we also decided to use logical thinking to figure out which material will best serve our purpose. After testing and thinking as a team, we decided as a team that the straw will best serve our purpose and it paid off as we successfully dropped the balloon without it bursting. Another example would be when we are deciding where to meet for this project. As Junkai and I stay in the Sengkang area it is extremely inconvenient for us to travel all the way to school. Hoi Lok, Xin Yee, Eloy understands that and we as a team decided to meet at Bishan library as it is nearer for the two of us. This shows that understanding is key to understanding the problem.

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