Different Types of Beauty to an Extent Essay

Different Types of Beauty to an Extent Essay

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America is also known as the universal "melting pot", where diversity is welcomed with open arms. This nation as a whole re programmed itself to be more accepting and more tolerable of what is out of their form of ‘the norm’; but, to what extent? According to Google definitions: beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight. So, speaking of technicalities, beauty varies in the eyes of the beholder or the individual’s opinion. In today’s society, beauty as been fabricated and has somehow molded into different categories depending on appearance, gender, race, and age. If that individual does not ‘make the cut’ or falls short, they are considered unappealing. Yes, America has accepted different types of beauty, but is only tolerant to a certain extent. The same hand that pats us on the back is the same hand that pushes us away for being different.
Appearance makes us who we are to the outer world, mostly the way we present ourselves. Our genetic makeup (skin, hair, eyes, nose, ect) makes up the factors of what consists of beauty. We hum the song of love of diversity and tell people to stay true to who they are, but its preached not practiced. For example, the ongoing problem women and even men have is their weight. As humans, we gain weight it is part of the circle of life but, they have associated extra weight gain or plus size as ‘ugly’ or not as appealing as petite. If you look through magazines, commercials, and other sources of the media, all you see are petite models. The industry has grown to have ‘plus size models,' but that is just it. Why can they not be called just ‘models’? Here is the reason; the addition of the word plus size is just a reminder t...

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...uty is in the eye of the beholder’ is a famous quote used from time to time. America is very tolerant in diverse beauty but only to a certain extent. Subliminally we feel that people have embraced different types of beautiful but in reality they still want them to conform into what ‘their’ definition of beautiful. With appearance, there is a certain look that has to be put together in order to be presentable. Depending on the gender there is a guideline to what every sex should look like. Age is a blessing but a curse to the outer body; developing wrinkles and not looking youthful. The definition of beauty has been tampered with and has been battered to the core; it is up to the individual to live by the invisible bylaws’ or break the rules.

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4 November 2013

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