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An attack is any malicious or accidental disruption in the confidentially, integrity, or availability of information and network resources. Attacks can come from many places, electronic, physical, or human. Electronics attacks may come from the external network (Internet) or the internal network (Intranet); physical attacks can come in the form of hardware and equipment sabotage or theft, and human attacks most often come in the form of social engineering. Some of the attacks identify and evaluate in this paper are: spoofing, replays attacks, access attack suppress-relay, and source and repudiation attack.
Spoofing is when the attackers attempts to appear to be someone else, usually an authentic user. The phenomenon of Web spoofing or creating misleading Web sites that closely represent real sites in order to extract personal financial data from unwary Web visitors, is common form of online scam that contributes to identify based credit and financial fraud and threatens to undermine consumer confidence in Internet shopping and banking. The FBI to spoofing as the “the hottest, and most troubling, new scam on the Internet contributing to the rise in identity theft, credit card fraud, and other Internet fraud.” Approximately thirty such hoax attack sites are detected each day, even as many more go undetected.
Replay attacks is when the attacker attempts a capture packets on its way from one host to another, and then replay them to a targeted host in an attempt to mimic a legitimate user or system. The replay attack is easy because it is not difficult to capture the commands to be replayed. A user on a network can run a sniffer program and capture all packets that travel over the network. Replay attack looks for systems with weak a...

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...es and disadvantages of both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography are:
Symmetric advantages
• Use password verification to prove the receivers identity
• Encrypted data can be transferred on the link even if there is a chance that the information will be intercepted. There is no key transmitted with the information, the probability of data being decrypted is unlikely
• Secure
• Fast and easy to implement
Symmetric disadvantages
• Cannot provide digital signatures that cannot be repudiated
• sharing keys
• cause a lot of damage if compromised
• have difficulty with key transportation

Asymmetric advantages
• Scalable and does not require much administration
• Easy for user to use
• Can provide digital signatures that can be repudiated
Symmetric disadvantages
• slower due to longer key length
• complexity of the encryption algorithm used

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