Essay about Different Types of Arthritis

Essay about Different Types of Arthritis

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Different Types of Arthritis

Someone once told me, that if I keep popping my knuckles it will cause arthritis in my hands in the future. Did you know that’s a myth? I sure didn’t. It turns out that the cracking noise from your knuckles are just a rapid collapse of gaseous bubbles. While arthritis is stiffness of the joints with painful inflammation. There are many types of arthritis out there. Some of them can be mild and others can be severe. Some of them can causes a physical change to your body, such as your hands and feet, and some types you don’t even physically notice. As I was researching arthritis is amazed me how many different types there actually are. I could name a bunch of them but today I am only going to be writing about a few.
The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. They say that the main reason of getting osteoarthritis is because of wear and tear on the cartilage of the joint. Each joint usually has a layer of cartilage that is smooth. If the cartilage is running thin, that is considered osteoarthritis. There isn’t necessarily an age preference for when osteoarthritis may occur but studies has shown that it is more likely to develop in your 40s and 50s. Treating osteoarthritis can be a bit difficult because once the cartilage is gone it takes quite some time for it to grow back. While it is in the process of growing back is when the real damage effects your joints. If there isn’t any cartilage between your bones it causes the bones to rub together which can be painful. Doctors would recommend you to do physical therapy and orally take acetaminophen.
Gout is the next type of arthritis. While osteoarthritis is caused by several different things, gout is caused by the hard crystal...

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...nds of arthritis. If you think that you may be feeling anyone these symptoms, you should go to the doctor. They would be able to help you get started with your treatment. I hope that you learned something from this because I did.
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