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Different Theories Of International Relations Essay

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Different theories of international relations seek to best explain and predict the whole spectrum of international relations. Some theories are better than others, if one wants to fully understand the spectrum of international relations. The Reductionist theory and the Structural theory both seek to predict the outcomes of international relations, however each leads to a different level and approach of explaining states behavior and ambitions in international relations. When studying and expanding the two theories to its full potential one can conclude as does Kenneth Waltz that one theory is better than the other overall in explaining I.R., this theory being the structural theory in that it explains what the Reductionist theory cannot.
Reductionist theory is also known as inside out theory in that it concentrates causes of international relations at the internal level from the national or subnational level, this includes individual and internal characteristics of states. The theory attempts to understand the overall intentions and actions of countries in terms of International Relations by first studying the internal forces, believing internal forces produce external outcomes in I.R. The study of reductionist theory only seeks to determine the behavior of actors and parts at the internal level; after it concludes this, the theory is accomplished. Former National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger was in support of the theory believing, that the preservation of peace could be maintained thru the reductionist theory by reducing International Relations to the characteristic of the major players (50).
When examining the reductionist theory one finds many faults when attempting to understand the full spectrum of I.R. First off, many l...

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...cture of the states allowing us to examine and care for the different worldwide poles that ensures security.
With the structural theory you also don’t have to only inseinfly look at domestic situations to predict international situations, you can simply look at the systemic attributes from the structural theory to predict states intentions. Therefore you don’t have to waste all your time studying internal attributes to predict international actions, which for the most part won’t actually work to predict countries actions.
Overall structure theory better explains and predicts international relations than does Reductionist theory because there are factors that the theory explains that Reductionist theory cannot. These factors being security dilemmas, the true intentions of leaders, and the continuity of the systems itself even when leaders are removed from position.

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