Different Theories Of How Students Absorb, Process, And Retain Information

Different Theories Of How Students Absorb, Process, And Retain Information

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In this course I examined past and present theories of how students absorb, process, and retain information, while also being introduced to a variety of instructional strategies. These strategies include incorporating research based Kagan strategies, multiple intelligences, and differentiated instruction into the lesson planning.

One of the first things I did at the beginning of the year was to introduce what the multiple intelligences are. Students filled out a getting to know you survey, which asked them to rate each statement according to how well the description fit them. After adding the columns to find their total score for each multiple intelligence area, students were able to see where their strengths were. Afterwards, students participated in a Multiple Intelligence Gallery Walk that helped them learn more about each of the intelligences. Next, they wrote their name under the charts they scored the highest in. I took a picture of this for future reference when planning my lessons.
A key concept that I learned is to reinforce, redirect, and probe the students who give inaccurate or incomplete answers. I want them to find success and grow in their own knowledge, not to just give up and hope that I will move onto another student. This is where explicit praise is important. Explicit praise goes beyond saying “good job” to a student who has the correct answer. It is a specific personal praise that lets students know what was correct and why it was correct. It becomes more beneficial to the child who raises their hand when I say, “I like that you raised your hand. Did you see how it did not interrupt the class?” Explicit praise can also be an intrinsic motivator for students.
Motivation is the internal drive that stimulates be...

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...orb, process, and retain information, I understand that it is important to adjust my lessons to meet the strengths and needs of my students through the use of a variety of learning styles and strategies. A student’s self concept and motivation to learn can be influenced by the effects of establishing positive relationships in the learning process. When planning my lessons, I need to develop a way to get and keep my students’ attention, make the lesson relevant to their world today, establish student confidence to learning the objective, and the satisfaction of an intrinsic or extrinsic reward for a sense of achievement. Integrating multiple methods to monitor, manage, and check for student understanding is crucial to helping students learn. It is also important to continue to add to my teaching tool box and incorporate those tools into my daily classroom practices.

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