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Different Theories Around Gender And Sex Essays

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Gender and Sex are both terms used in our society frequently, however, misunderstood the most. Sex is typically characterized by the anatomical perspective while gender is characterized by behaviors. As this may be the general understanding of sex and gender as definitions, it is not the real deal. The real deal is that sex and gender go much farther than men, women, and hermaphrodites. The primary sex categories as of now are female, male, and thirty-three varieties of intersex. For gender, there are over 100 genders that are recognized today. (Powerpoint 1) In this essay I will be addressing different theories revolved around gender and sex and how they affect people in our society more negatively than positively.
There are many very common stereotypes in the world we live in and most of them happen to revolve around our sex and gender. In some cultures there is a large preference for patriarchy which is a system that is male-dominated. (Powerpoint 1) In patriarchal societies anyone who is not a man is typically oppressed which includes religious freedoms, political freedoms, and economical equalities. Despite the empowerment of men through inequality of women, men can also be weakened in a patriarchal society. In Sherryl Kleinman’s Feminist Fieldwork Analysis she quotes Johnson in The Gender Knot: “Men pay an enormous price for participating in patriarchy. The more in control men try to be, for example the less secure they feel.” (p. 55) Men in patriarchal societies also tend to have very homophobic statements and language despite their real opinion. Patriarchal societies are very demanding of men and too demanding of women to play the stereotypical “woman” role.
Patriarchy has a huge effect on how our culture perceives d...

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...nd Don H. Zimmerman. West and Zimmerman described doing gender as, “creating differences between girls and boys and women and men, differences that are not natural, essential, or biological.” (West & Zimmerman, p. 137) The authors first use the example of North American public bathrooms which segregate the two genders and ultimately cross genders by separating the facilities even though the same action is being produced. It is also noted that men and boys are displayed as bigger and stronger than women which in situations displays women as helpless. The problem with these things is that it discourages gendered people to display what they truly feel such as a female body builder who is still looked at as helpless next to a man or a man who wants to display more sensitivity but is looked down upon or even an intersex person who is conflicted by which bathroom to enter.

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