Different Styles Of Writing Humor And Tone Essay

Different Styles Of Writing Humor And Tone Essay

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English, it’s one of those required general education courses that we are required to take if we want to graduate. ENC1143 Rhetoric and Narrative is one of those classes. Some would have picked it on their own; I am not one of those people though. English is not one of the most enjoyable subjects for me, mainly because it is not one of my stronger subjects. After trying several times to get out of taking this course, this being my fourth English class because I transferred from another university that required other English courses I still had to take it. I say this because out of all fourth English classes that I have taken thus far including this one I actually believe that this English course has been that one that I have learned the most from even with it being online, through out this course our progress of writing has been tracked and measured from notes to summaries to papers on a more individual basis. The different styles of writing humor and, tones that we had to incorporate into our writing actually helped me to understand my own writing better. Having to have our work critiqued by peers and critique our peers writing has been more beneficial than I expected in fact I believe that was one of the main parts that’s has contributed to my success in this class.

This semester has been a challenging one, getting in to some of my core major classes. Having this class as one of my last general education requirement I started to find this class the least interesting and prioritizing my other classes over this one. Waiting till the last minute to submit assignments, though I never submitted them late. I realize that waiting till the last minute was a down fall for my self not being able to receive peer criticism early on my su...

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...drafts in for peer review I realized that it wasn’t as dreadful as I had once thought it was, we were all in this class to write and were writing about the same things and each and every one of us had something within our writing that we could improve on. Having peers review as a second set of eyes reviewing my work proved to be very helpful many times they pointed out things I don’t think I would have realized just reviewing it my self. The one on one-professor conferences helped to explain assignments and go over things we could improve on with in mechanics, evidence and giving their expert advice. ENC1143 helped me learn a lot not within my writing for this class and within my writing for other classes, but the main thing I learned proved to be an excellent tool to improve my writing and something I will continue to use after this class is peer/professor review.

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