Essay on Different Styles Of Learning Styles

Essay on Different Styles Of Learning Styles

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There are different styles of learning and ways an individual processes the information. When I took the questionnaire on the VARK website, my style of learning by order of percentage was Kinetic, Visual, Reading/Writing and then Auditory. Knowing how a person takes in information is important so that they can develop strategies to process the information and define their cognitive skills to succeed in learning. Instructors should also know their audience and utilize all manners of learning styles so their students can process new information better and retain the information given.
Types of Learning Patterns
The VARK Questionnaire uses four different learning styles to test which one works best for the individual taking the quiz on their website. VARK stands for Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing and Kinetic Modalities (Maggle, 2016). An individual may use more than one style of learning to process new information
Kinetic Learner
Kinetic learners are more tactile in how they process the information. They learn more by action than demonstration. Cowley College website lists some characteristics of a kinetic learner,
“Learns best when physically engaged in a “hands on” activity, remembers best by writing things down several times, may chew gum, smoke or snack during studies, often does not like to read directions, would rather just do it, learns best when shown how to do something and then have the opportunity to do it, usually not skilled in giving verbal explanations or directions, etc. (Community & Vocational Technical, N.D).
Kinetic learners may have a hard time sitting still during lectures and will have to take breaks often. These types of learners are better processing information with mnemonics and flashcards.

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Journey to excellence website states, “helping young people to identify the ways that they learn best and providing them with opportunities to use all their senses and different intelligences is one of the key challenges for policy makers, teachers and parents alike” (Kelly, 2014). This brings up a good point, defining how you learn does develop your cognitive skills but an individual should not rely on only one way of learning. By relying on a particular style of learning, that individual may miss out on information by discounting how it is delivered. Students should be aware of how they prefer to learn but utilize all ways of learning. Instructors may not always cater to the Kinetic or Visual learner so that student must be flexible in processing the information. A good student will use all the learning styles and implement them into their study plan.

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