Different Strategies For Resolving The Israeli Palestinian Conflict Essay

Different Strategies For Resolving The Israeli Palestinian Conflict Essay

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Since its inception, there have been countless different strategies for resolving the Israeli Palestinian conflict, from Arab league’s war against Israel to negotiations between the PA and Israel to come to a peace agreement. However, none of these strategies have achieved anything except worsening the status of Palestinians and the territories, and entrapping the conflict in this status-quo scenario, where no solution is more likely than any solution. In this essay, I will analyze the various arrangements between Israel and Palestine, the positives and negatives of each, and then I will discuss which I believe to be most likely to succeed. The arrangements are a 2-state solution of Palestine and Israel coexisting as neighbors, a one state solution that would be an annexation of the occupied territories by Israel and would have Israelis and Palestinians living together under one government, and finally an innovative new two-state solution that would include aspects taken from the European Union model.
The two-state solution has been the main goal of negotiations for the past several decades, however it has remained unattainable to date. The positives of this arrangement is that it would give Palestinians sovereignty, giving them control over their government, culture, institutions and their lives. This autonomy is what Palestinians have been seeking since Israel’s inception, and it would allow Palestine to grow economically, give legitimacy to their national identity, and return dignity to a group of people who have been occupied since 1967. This solution would also end Israel’s responsibility for the occupied territories or the Palestinians living in them, allow Israel to become an uncontested Jewish state, and heal the in...

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...nes to increase the economy, allow for semiautonomous control of the territories and less restrictions on travel on Palestinians, you will begin to foster trust, economic opportunity and self-sufficiency within the territories, which is crucial for a state to develop (Bennet). After these steps are taken, the territories will be less-dependent on Israel and international aid, they will be able to negotiate their sovereignty. The necessary political and social institutions will form, and then the cooperation for the “Condominalism” to work will be more likely to happen. Obviously, this is not something that will happen in the near future, and issues mentioned above will have to be overcome, but I believe it is the plan that allows for the most benefit to all parties involved and would create a more peaceful region that a one-state or classic two-state solution.

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